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Self Tanners and Bronzers

I just wanted to clarify some misunderstanding on my previous Beautisol blog post. When I stated the Beautisol Tea Tan Glow bronzer can also keep you from being exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays I meant that most people stay out of the sun because they have sensitive skin and are sensitive to the sun and may be taking medications that require they stay out of the sun or don’t have time for fun in the sun due to extenuating circumstances. It also depends on each individual’s skin and pigment. It depends if you are healthy, eating and resting well and many other factors. Note not all sunscreens prevent sun burn even with a high SPF (Sun Protectant Factor/Filter) and sun block. Most expire within a year and some people still get sun burned and sun poisoning with sunscreen and sun block. Unless you go to the nude beach, a topless beach or deck or a tanning salon there are parts of the body you may also want to tan you can’t tan in public and legs and the back of the arms and back usually don’t tan well. You may want to cover up or conceal unattractive tan lines and streaks to make the tan even. There are cases that claim there are video cameras in tanning salons too. Do what you like but it’s not fun to be arrested for indecent exposure but I guess exhibitionists don’t mind. Flash and moon away! Get as freaky and kinky as you like but hope that you don’t get caught unless that’s what you want. Most people don’t like sun spots, freckles and aging like me particularly around the face even after using sunscreen and sunblock. Note that the sun is stronger in other destinations so make sure you use sunscreen and/or sunblock when you travel also. I did not mean to state to stop using sunscreen. You should always use sunscreen. I hope this clarifies your misunderstanding and educates you more on tanning.

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